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Weekend Brunch

SAT & SUN 10:00AM–2:00PM

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Mango Bellini • Frozen Sangria • Mimosa

Breakfast Taco Plate $8.29
3 tortillas filled with scrambled eggs and two options. Served with Salsa Roja, grilled potatoes and fruit. Add 25 cents for each additional option per taco.

Black Beans
Un-Refried Beans

Apple Empanadas $4.59
Homemade cinnamon and apple pastries. 3 per order.

Churros $4.29
Lightly fried Mexican pastries covered with cinnamon and sugar, served with chocolate and sweet cream.

Zocalo Breakfast* (Chilaquiles) $8.79
Scrambled eggs and crispy corn tortilla strips tossed in creamy verde sauce. Served on a bed of black beans topped with tomatoes, cilantro, queso fresco and sour cream. Served with grilled potatoes. Add chorizo or avocado $1.99

Eggs Benedict* $9.29
Poached eggs served over Sweet Potato Jalapeno Biscuits, grilled ham and grilled tomatoes. Topped with traditional Hollandaise Sauce. Served with grilled potatoes and fruit.

Huevos Rancheros* $8.29
Two eggs and un-refried pinto beans on a crispy tostada shell topped with ranchero sauce. Served with tortillas and grilled potatoes.

Huevos Verde* $8.29
Two eggs and black beans on a crispy tostada shell topped with Salsa Verde. Served with tortillas and grilled potatoes.

Pancake Breakfast $8.29
Three buttermilk pancakes served with fruit and your choice of bacon, sausage or grilled potatoes.

Big Breakfast* $9.29
4 oz. Fajita steak, two eggs, grilled potatoes, choice of beans and tortillas.

Breakfast Burrito $8.29
A large wheat or flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, un-refried pinto or black beans and served with grilled potatoes. Topped with your choice of sauce and sour cream, tomato and queso fresco. Add sausage, bacon, chorizo or avocado for $1.99 each item.

Granola Bowl $6.29
Layered granola and yogurt with a side of fruit.

Fruit cup $3.19
Grilled potatoes $3.19
Bacon or Sausage $2.19
Side of eggs $3.19
Black Beans $1.79
Un-Refried Beans $1.79
Single Pancake $2.19
Rice $1.79

*NOTICE: Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of food bourne illness.


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